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Cross stitch accessories

When you order a cross stitch kit you'll get everything you need to start stitching but there are a few cross stitch accessories that will help you with your new hobby!

Small, sharp scissors / thread cutter.

You will need to be able to cut threads and rather than using the kitchen scissors, I can recommend investing in a small pair of scissors. My favourites are Fiskars (orange set below) as they are very sharp and have very pointy blades which means they can be used to cut stitches if you make a mistake and need to re-do a section.

As you can see the Fiskars are slightly bigger than the traditional embroidery scissors which means that smaller more traditional scissors is better if you're planning on travelling. Some airlines allow scissors with blades that are under a certain size so the smaller the better.

Hoop or Q-snap cover (grime guard)

When you're stitching it makes it much easier to hold your work in a hoop or a Q snap cover. Hoops aren't very expensive and if you're doing a circular design you can use them to frame your work when you've finished. A Q-snap cover is a plastic frame which is then covered with a piece of fabric which is an excellent way or protecting your precious work when you're stitching. I love this hand made one on Etsy

A needle minder

A needle minder is a small magnetic pin which you can attach to your work while you're are stitching. When you need to stop stitching just pop your needle onto the minder and it will hold it in place until you need it again. Never lose a needle down the back of the sofa again - particularly useful if you have pets and young children as I do! They come in lots of fun designs and you can pick them up for just a few pounds. There are also lots of online tutorials showing you how to make one if you're crafty!


Whether you're buying your own threads or using a kit I recommend putting the threads onto numbered bobbins and putting them together on a ring(s). I know you'll be itching to get stitching but it's worth investing the time to do this. Most kits will send you a piece of cardboard with the threads attached. My experience of using these is that it gets a bit fiddly and messy when you start separating the threads, whereas with a bobbin you can wind the bit of thread you're not using back onto the bobbin and keep it all nice and tidy until you're ready to use it. Also, if you're anything like me I always have about four WIPs on the go at any one time so having the threads all in one place is a good idea so I don't confuse or lose threads. The good news is that if you really can't wait to get started on your project the Creative Cross Stitch kits come ready organised onto bobbins so you can get started straight away!

Time, patience and a forgiving partner

Yes, I realise that this isn't something you can buy but one of the most important things I've learnt doing cross stitch is not to rush! As soon as I rush I make mistakes which ends up taking longer to sort out! My husband recently said to me "you can't stitch all the time" errr just watch me! If I'm not dealing with aforementioned children or puppy you can generally find me with needle in hand. I even have a WIP in each room so I can just pick it up and spend a few mins while I wait for the potatoes to boil. Oh dear, I've got it bad!

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